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Go Green Today and Save Costs and Energy!

Take care of your health and our environment too, by making your home more environmentally friendly.

1.     Buy Organic and Locally Grown Produce:  Not only will your family be healthier due to the lack of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, but you be helping to lower the mileage your food has to travel to get to you while supporting your local community.

2.     Cleaning Products are now Green!  Be sure to select and use eco-friendly cleaning products found today at most stores like Target and Publix.  They do not contain toxins and are healthier for your whole family.

3.     Waste Not, Want Not:  Avoid wasting paper and go paperless with your bills and magazines.  Get online and start paying your bills to save costs of paper.

4.     Light Bulbs can save you money!  Next time you need light bulbs, be sure to purchase energy saver light bulbs.  They are great for cost savings, but also for the environment.  You can use up to 75% less energy by making the switch today.  HELPFUL TIP:  Also, install dimmer switches whenever possible to lower electricity bills.

5.     To use half or less of the water and energy, use the dishwasher when it’s full.  HELPFUL TIP:  No need to waste additional water by rinsing off the dishes before you put them in the dishwasher.  Dishwashers today are built to pressure off the mess.



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